What ages is Nebula designed for?

Nebula is the first level in Grammar Galaxy that is for beginning readers and writers. Once your student can read short words and is able to form letters, start Nebula. Until then, work with your preferred phonics and handwriting curriculum and keep reading to your student. Most Nebula students will be in first or second grade, but the books are intentionally left unlabeled. Students through the sixth grade who are reluctant or new readers can also use Nebula.

Do I have to have both the text and the mission manual?

Your student will be confused and frustrated without both books.

Can I use Grammar Galaxy with multiple ages?

Absolutely! Simply read the story to all your children. You can make copies of the digital version of the Mission Manual for each student, supplementing and modifying where necessary. Be sure to check the additional resources for Nebula.

Is Grammar Galaxy something my student can do independently?

Not in the first levels. Nebula is designed to be read to the student. But lessons only take about ten minutes a day–perfect for busy parents and short attention spans.

Can I use Grammar Galaxy as a supplement? 

Absolutely! Continue your phonics curriculum and use it with other curriculum of your choice.

Do you have the curriculum available in another format?

Kindle and audio versions are coming.

How many levels of Grammar Galaxy will there be and when will they be available?

Right now a total of five levels are planned to cover language arts through the sixth grade. The Protostar books (which are at the 3rd grade level) will be available in 2016.

Have another question?

Contact the author at grammargalaxybooks at gmail.com.

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