About the Author

Dr. Melanie WilsonDr. Melanie Wilson was a clinical psychologist working in a Christian practice, a college instructor, freelance writer, and public speaker before she felt called to stay home and educate her children. She is a mother of six and has homeschooled for 17 years. She says it’s her most fulfilling vocation.

Melanie has always been passionate about language arts and used bits and pieces of different curriculum and approaches to teach her children and friends’ children. In 2014, she believed she had another calling to write the curriculum she had always wanted as a homeschooling mom — one that didn’t take a lot of time, made concepts simple and memorable, and was enough fun to keep her kids motivated.

Books have been a family business since the beginning. Melanie’s husband, Mark, has been selling library books for 30 years. Melanie and the older boys frequently pitch in to help at the annual librarians’ conference. Grammar Galaxy is another family business that she hopes will be a great learning opportunity for their children.

When Melanie isn’t busy homeschooling, visiting her oldest sons in college, or writing, she loves to play tennis with family and friends. Learn more on her blog or connect with her in the Grammar Guardians Facebook group.