What makes Grammar Galaxy different from other language arts curricula?

Grammar Galaxy uses the power of story to teach language arts concepts. Instead of your student forgetting dry material and having to learn the same concepts year after year, your student will master the material. Your student will learn the why of language arts and will grow in confidence. The children in the story struggle with spelling, public speaking, procrastination, and more. In other words, they’re relatable. Short lessons with lots of white space and verbal or hands-on activities will motivate your students like no traditional workbook can. Grammar Galaxy teaches skills like reading fluency and handwriting speed that aren’t found in most language arts curricula. And it’s fun!

What ages is Grammar Galaxy designed for?

Nebula is the first level in Grammar Galaxy that is for beginning readers. Once your student can read short words and is able to form letters, start Nebula. Until then, work with your preferred phonics and handwriting curriculum and keep reading to your student. Most Nebula students will be in first or second grade, but the books are intentionally left unlabeled. Students through the sixth grade who are reluctant readers or reluctant to do traditional English studies can also use Nebula.

Protostar is the second level in Grammar Galaxy that is for third graders or those who have completed Nebula or its equivalent. Read the scope and sequence to determine which level to start your student. If you still aren’t sure, start with Nebula.

Does Grammar Galaxy include religious content?

No. The author is a Christian, but Grammar Galaxy is a secular curriculum.

Is Grammar Galaxy Charlotte-Mason friendly?

Yes. Short, creative, story-based lessons are used to teach children. We think Charlotte Mason would have approved.

Is there a teacher’s manual?

No. No teacher’s manual is required.

Do I have to have both the text and the mission manual?

Your student will be confused and frustrated without both books.

Can I make copies of the digital books?

Yes! You are allowed to make copies of the mission manual for family members living in your household. You can use the digital text on your screen while reading aloud to students. The digital mission manual can also be used on a tablet with a stylus. Copying the printed books is prohibited.

Can I use Grammar Galaxy with multiple ages?

Absolutely! Simply read the story to all your children. Each student will need a mission manual, but only one text is required per family.

How much time does Grammar Galaxy take?

The story and each of the three steps of the mission take 10-15 minutes to complete. Many families complete the lesson on three separate days of the week. Others choose to complete an entire lesson on one day a week. Still others want to do even more than one lesson per week. At a pace of one lesson per week, Grammar Galaxy will take 36 weeks to complete, or an academic school year.

Does Grammar Galaxy work with dyslexic students and with other learning disabilities?

Definitely. It was written with special needs students in mind. Many families report that their special needs students are enjoying language arts for the first time.

Do you have any reviews I can read?

Check out the reviews here. Also join the Facebook group where you can ask questions of families who are using Grammar Galaxy now.

Do you have any samples I can try?

Yes, choose a complete sample to try with your student here.

Is Grammar Galaxy something my student can do independently?

Yes! Once your student is reading fluently at a 3rd grade level or above, the majority of the lesson can be done independently. Teachers can read the lessons to beginning readers. Lessons take about ten minutes a day–perfect for busy parents and short attention spans.

Can I use Grammar Galaxy as a supplement? 

Absolutely! Continue your phonics curriculum and use it with other curriculum of your choice.

Do I have to use a supplement with Grammar Galaxy?

No. Grammar Galaxy is a complete language arts curriculum. Lessons are short enough to allow time for lots of other reading and writing activities. Subscribers receive a free monthly mission calendar to enhance the learning. Purchasers also have access to additional resources for each lesson.

How many levels of Grammar Galaxy will there be and when will they be available?

There will be a total of five levels. Nebula, directed at 1st/2nd grade, and Protostar, directed at 3rd grade, are currently available. Yellow Star, directed at 4th grade, will be available fall of 2017. Red Star, directed at 5th grade, will be available by early 2018. Blue Star, directed at 6th grade, will be available later in 2018.

Do you have plans to make Grammar Galaxy available in audio?

It’s a real possibility, but it is not at the top of the to-do list right now.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! International shipping is free, but plan on 4-6 weeks for delivery. We are not able to ship highlighters and bookmarks with international orders. You will have access to a digital file for printing your own bookmarks.

What is your return policy?

Digital files cannot be returned so will not be refunded. Please make your purchase carefully. Printed books that are returned (received) within 60 days of purchase are refundable.

Can I buy additional Grammar Galaxy highlighters?

Not at this time. One highlighter is included with each print mission manual ordered. If you are selected as Guardian of the Month from people who share in the Grammar Guardians Facebook group or on Instagram using hashtags #grammargalaxy or #guardingthegalaxy, you may choose additional highlighters as a prize.

Have another question?

Contact the author at grammargalaxybooks at gmail.com.