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Research for the Stars free unit study

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Research for the Stars

The free units from Online Unit Studies and Grammar Galaxy: Protostar will help your elementary student learn encyclopedia research skills and all about stars.

If you haven’t tried one of Techie Homeschool Mom’s unit studies, you’re in for a treat. Your child can use a safe platform to read, watch related videos, and complete projects. They’re the unit studies you would create for your child IF you had time. You’ll receive the STARS online unit study FREE that includes a story from Grammar Galaxy: Protostar. Your elementary student will read this entertaining story (or you will read it to them).

As a guest guardian of Grammar Galaxy, your student will then complete the encyclopedia research mission. Part of the mission is to research stars and astronaut John Glenn using the included graphic organizers. You’ll help your child find an appropriate children’s encyclopedia (probably through your library locally or online). As a Grammar Galaxy subscriber, you’ll receive a language arts mission calendar each month with seasonal and fun learning activities. You’ll also receive news about products and discounts that will help your child excel at reading and writing.

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