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If you have a beginning or reluctant reader, you want to do whatever you can to encourage reading. Reading is the key to unlocking success in every other academic discipline and even life in general.

That’s why I created Grammar Galaxy.

I want kids to discover the treasure to be found in reading and writing. Instead of dry exercises that have no relationship to reading, Grammar Galaxy uses short, entertaining stories to teach language arts concepts in a memorable way. The accompanying workbook is no workbook at all, but a Mission Manual asking your child to help save the galaxy from the evil plans of the Gremlin.

How Grammar Galaxy Works

Teachers / parents read a ten-minute story to their child. Protostar-level students may be able to read the story on their own. Included in the text are vocabulary words and discussion questions to aid comprehension.

Students are then directed to complete a mission with as much teacher assistance as necessary. Missions are made up of three steps. Ideally, these steps can be completed in three days during the week. Handwriting is minimized. Instead, young writers who may not have fully developed fine motor skills, are asked to use highlighters to complete much of the mission.

Grammar Galaxy bookmark and highlighter

Nebula missions include picture work and activities, rather than lots of seat work. Built-in review prevents having to reteach the same concepts year after year. An Advanced Guardian section is perfect for writers who enjoy handwriting, but encourages those who don’t to dictate their writing. Students receive an update from the three royal English children, who let them know if their mission was successful.

At the end of each unit, students are asked to complete a challenge–a test made up of ten questions. They have two attempts to get nine out of ten correct. Students who aren’t able to pass the challenge are permitted to pass a challenge of the teacher’s choosing. After passing the challenge, the young guardian earns a star for the guardian bookmark.

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Grammar Galaxy Nebula

Click the book to download a sample

Click on the book to the left to view a PDF of the first lesson from the Nebula text, a table of contents, and a sample mission from the Nebula Mission Manual (workbook). You’ll also be able to read the teachers’ notes to see how easy Grammar Galaxy is to teach.

While I am not including the mission for Lesson 1 in the sample, I would love to send you one page from Mission 1 that I think you and your young reader will love. It’s a reading-for-treasure map. Click on it to request your free copy.

As they complete the treasure map, students are exposed to lots of different reading genres and are encouraged to try reading in many different ways. Encourage your student to highlight each stop as it’s completed and to talk about what they enjoy most on their reading journey. Reading is rewarding in its own right, but you may wish to offer a reward for completing the map. A new book would be a wonderful treat!

If you want to try a complete lesson with your student from Nebula or Protostar, you can download one here.

Are you ready to get your kids started on a fast, easy, and fun language arts curriculum? Order your digital or print copies in the shop.

Check out the scope and sequence if you aren’t sure whether to start with Nebula (directed at 1st/2nd grade) or Protostar (directed at 3rd grade).


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