Protostar/Yellow Star PRINT Bundle (Volumes 2 & 3)


Includes one PRINTED text and one PRINTED Mission Manual (workbook) for volumes 2 and 3 that will be shipped. No teacher’s manual is required. US orders include free Priority shipping. International orders include free economy shipping (allow two to eight weeks). Includes one bookmark and erasable highlighter per Mission Manual (shipping to the US only).

Price includes a 10% bundle discount.

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Save big by buying both volumes!

Grammar Galaxy: Protostar (Volume 2) is a complete language arts curriculum for beginning readers (third graders or students who have completed Nebula or its equivalent).

Classic books are relegated to a long-term care facility and can’t be checked out. Idioms like “knock her socks off” begin to literally happen. Helping verbs on planet Sentence can’t be used when they agree with a motivational speaker that it’s time to focus on their own dreams.

Grammar Galaxy: Protostar is a great choice for homeschoolers, teachers, and parents:
*Whose student is a beginning reader and writer and has mastered Nebula skills

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Grammar Galaxy: Yellow Star (Volume 3) is a complete language arts curriculum for elementary students (4th graders or above or those who have completed Protostar or its equivalent).

Metaphors are sworn to tell the truth for jury duty on planet Sentence and become reality. Hackers Prefix and Suffix confuse the galaxy’s vocabulary. Everyone is using double negatives when the Buddy System on planet Vocabulary goes into effect.

Grammar Galaxy: Yellow Star is a great choice for homeschoolers, teachers, and parents:

*Whose student is at the 4th grade or above or has mastered Protostar skills.

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