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I just wanted to email you and let you know what a gift and a blessing Grammar Galaxy was for my son this year.  When I had contacted you to ask about Grammar Galaxy, we weren’t sure what was going on at the time.  He had been working with a neurodevelopmental optometrist at the time, and was making a little progress with his reading, but not enough…The outcome to all his tests was spatial auditory processing disorder, severe dyslexia, and he has to have occupational therapy for his handwriting and fine motor skills.
When I ordered and received the Grammar Galaxy books Luke had not been diagnosed yet.  He was in a pretty bad place with regard to his self-esteem, and any curriculum that I tried he ended up in tears because it was too difficult, and I didn’t know what was going on with him – nor did I have any experience with learning issues so I was as lost as he was.  We started Grammar Galaxy, and he immediately fell in love with the story and adventures of the English children ( it also didn’t hurt that one was named Luke!)  Every day that was his anchor, because he suddenly felt successful.  He could do, and understand the concepts with Nebula.  I would read, and he would answer the questions.  I would let him write the answers when he could, or sometimes I would just do it for him.
When he finally got his diagnosis of Dyslexia he was so relieved – relieved that he wasn’t stupid (which I didn’t know that he felt). and that his inability  to read was not his fault.  He became a new person – a new student if you will.  His excitement to learn was back!!  We were now able to laugh at his mistakes, and blame that “darn dyslexia”  And when he would plan his day, Grammar Galaxy was at the top of his list!!  His favorite part were the Haikus.  I didn’t realize that some dyslexics can’t rhyme, and Luke was one of those kids.  When he realized that Haikus were all about the syllables, and he wrote his first Haiku, he was so excited!  He must have written 4 or 5 of them!
For the first time we just about finished a text book.  He was so proud to show his work to our evaluator!!
Melanie, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I am almost in tears writing this because I am so grateful that we found Grammar Galaxy.  Your hard work has blessed us, and most especially Luke.
-Eleni K.
I really can’t say enough or put into adequate words just how much Grammar Galaxy has changed our entire homeschool experience.  Other subjects like History, Science, Health, etc. have become so much easier to teach now that their reading ability and comprehension has improved.  They actually ask to dress in their vests the minute they see the mission manuals come out, and wish they could work in them everyday.  I try to tell them that by reading and listening to audiobooks the other two days they are completing the mission, but that’s a little hard for them to grasp.  They think I’m “tricking” them into reading ….haha!  My tactile sensory learner is actually begging to listen to audiobooks now.  Thank you again for taking the time to write and meet the need for a curriculum designed like yours.

I gave my daughter a new curriculum disguised as storybook, and she read all 188 pages in 24 hours!

I didn’t tell her that it is a story-based curriculum for language arts. She just loved the story of Kirk, Ellen, and Luke saving the galaxy from the Gremlin, who is out to destroy the English language.

For the next 24 hours, I found Grammar Galaxy on the breakfast table and heard:
“Mommy, this is a really fun book, and I am learning some new things, too.” 

Then, I found Grammar Galaxy on the couch and heard:
“Mommy, can I go read as soon as I am done with lunch?”
(This was immediately after we finished school for the day!)

Next, I saw her carrying Grammar Galaxy around the house and heard;
“This is a really good book! I like it.”

After that, Grammar Galaxy was on the night stand and I heard:
“Mommy, can I PLEASE stay up late to read Grammar Galaxy?”

And as soon as she finished the last page, she closed the book, smiled, and said:
“Is this a series? I want to read the next one!”

Thank you for your help and your program. You’ve made a subject that I hated as a kid into a weekly lesson through which we ALL giggle.


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